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Custom 85Db Standalone Photoelectric Wireless Smoke Fire Detectors

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Custom 85Db Standalone Photoelectric Wireless Smoke Fire Detectors

Customizable item:Custom logo, Custom packaging, Custom product color, Custom product function


Standard:EN14604:2005/AC:2008 by TUV lab

Sensors:Dual emission and one reception infrared photoelectric

Function:Smoke detector

Alarm mode:Acousto - optic alarm

Battery life:3 years battery (2 * AA Batteries)

Working voltage:DC 3V

Static current:< 15μA

Alarm current:≤ 120mA

Audio alarm:≥ 85db

Temp. Range:-10℃~+50℃

Relative Humidity:≤95%RH(40℃±2℃)

Usage:Dwelling、Apartment、Shop etc.

    About this item

    The alarm adopts a photoelectric sensor with a special structure design and a reliable MCU, which can effectively detect the smoke generated in the initial smoldering stage or after the fire. When the smoke enters the alarm, the light source will produce scattered light, and the receiving element will feel the light intensity (there is a certain linear relationship between the received light intensity and the smoke concentration). The alarm will continuously collect, analyze and judge the field parameters. When it is confirmed that the light intensity of the field data reaches the predetermined threshold, the red LED light will light up and the buzzer will start to alarm. When the smoke disappears, the alarm will automatically return to the normal working state.

    There are features:

    ★ With advanced photoelectric detection components, high sensitivity, low power consumption, quick response recovery, no nuclear radiation concerns;
    ★ Dual emission technology, improve about 3 times false alarm prevention;
    ★ Adopt MCU automatic processing technology to improve the stability of products;
    ★ Built-in high loudness buzzer, alarm sound transmission distance is longer;
    ★ Sensor failure monitoring;
    ★ Battery low warning;
    ★ Support APP stop alarming;
    ★ Automatic reset when the smoke decreases until it reaches an acceptable value again;
    ★ Manual mute function after alarm;
    ★ All around with air vents, stable and reliable;
    ★ SMT processing technology;
    ★ Product 100% function test and aging, keep each product stable (many suppliers do not have this step);
    ★ Radio frequency interference resistance (20V/m-1GHz);
    ★ Small size and easy to use;
    ★ Equipped with wall mounting bracket, quick and convenient installation.

    We have EN14604 smoke sensing professional certification from TUV (users can directly check the official certificate, application), and TUV Rhein RF/EM too.

    Packing & Shipping

    1 * White pakeage box
    1 * Smoke detector
    1 * Mounting bracket
    1 * Screw kit
    1 * User manual