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Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, also known as the “Dragon Boat Festival”, “Noon Day”, “May Day”, “Double Ninth Festival”, etc. It has a history of more than 2000 years.

The Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate Qu Yuan. It first appeared in the Southern Dynasty’s “Continuation of Harmony in Qi” and “Jingchu Suishiji”. It is said that after Qu Yuan threw himself into the river, the local people immediately rowed boats to salvage him. They sailed for a long distance but never saw Qu Yuan’s body. At that time, on a rainy day, small boats on the lake gathered together to salvage Qu Yuan’s body. So it developed into dragon boat racing. The people did not retrieve Qu Yuan’s body and were afraid that the fish and shrimp in the river would eat his body. They went home to take rice balls and throw them into the river to prevent the fish and shrimp from biting Qu Yuan’s body. This formed the custom of eating Zongzi.

In this traditional festival of China, the company will send a sincere blessing and welfare to every employee in order to enrich their spare time life, ease the tense work rhythm, and create a good corporate culture. We prepare Zong and milk to every workers. Eating Zongzi is another custom of Dragon Boat Festival, which is a must eat food on Dragon Boat Festival.



Post time: Jun-21-2023
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