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Personal Alarm

Banner Diagram Of Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm: New Guardians Of Safety For Vulnerable People

In the fast-paced modern society, security issues have gradually attracted people's attention. Whether at home, school or the office, we all need a tool that can provide timely alerts to keep us safe. As a compact and practical safety device, personal alarms are gradually becoming a must-have in people's lives. It can be placed wherever you need it. Once it senses an abnormal situation, such as fire, intruder, etc., it will immediately emit a high-decibel alarm sound to attract the attention of people around you. At the same time, the smart personal alarm also has a networking function and can receive alarm information in real time through the mobile phone APP, allowing users to keep track of safety conditions at any time.

The personal alarm is very simple to use. Pull its pin or press the SOS button to emit a high-decibel sound. Once an abnormal situation occurs, a personal alarm can be used to sound an alarm to remind surrounding people to pay attention to safety. It's designed for easy storage, and its compact size allows you to attach your personal alarm to bags, backpacks, keys, and more. Whether you're on campus, jogging, or abroad, you're always within reach. From women to seniors, students to kids, joggers to adventurers - a personal alarm clock has something for everyone. An essential companion for travel, hiking, camping, and even dog walking. Your personal safety alert starts here.

In short, as a practical safety device, personal alarms have become an indispensable part of our lives. It can provide us with real-time security and keep us away from potential dangers. Let us start from now on and pay attention to the use of personal alarms to protect the safety of ourselves and our families.

We Have A Comprehensive Range Of Personal Alarm Product Styles

Regular Personal Alarm

Product type: Personal alarm with LED light / Rechargeable personal alarm

Product functions: Water proof/130db/With LED light/Low battery reminder

Storage type: Rechargeable / Non-replaceable battery / Replaceable battery

Smart Personal Alarm

Product type:Tuya smart personal alarm/2 in 1 Air tag personal alarm

Product function: 130db/With LED light/Low battery reminder/App reminder

Storage type:Rechargeable

We Provide OEM ODM Customized Services

Logo Printing

Silk screen LOGO: No limit on printing color (custom color). The printing effect has obvious concave and convex feeling and strong three-dimensional effect. Screen printing can not only print on a flat surface, but also print on special-shaped molded objects such as spherical curved surfaces. Anything with a shape can be printed by screen printing. Compared with laser engraving, silk screen printing has richer and more three-dimensional patterns, the color of the pattern can also be varied, and the screen printing process will not damage the product surface.

Laser engraving LOGO: single printing color (gray). The printing effect will feel sunken when touched by hand, and the color remains durable and does not fade. Laser engraving can process a wide range of materials, and almost all materials can be processed by laser engraving. In terms of wear resistance, laser engraving is higher than silk screen printing. The laser-engraved patterns will not wear out over time.

Note: Do you want to see what is the look like of the product with your logo? Contact us and we will show the artwork for reference.

Customizing Product Colors

Spray-free injection molding: To achieve high gloss and traceless spray-free, there are high requirements in material selection and mold design, such as the fluidity, stability, gloss and some mechanical properties of the material; the mold may need to consider temperature resistance , water channels, the strength properties of the mold material itself, etc.

Two-color and multi-color injection molding: Not only can it be 2-color or 3-color, but it can also be combined with more materials to complete processing and production, depending on the design of the product.

Plasma coating: The metal texture effect brought by electroplating is achieved through plasma coating on the product surface (mirror high gloss, matte, semi-matte, etc.). The color can be adjusted at will. The process and materials used do not contain heavy metals and are very environmentally friendly. This is a high-tech technology that has been developed and applied across borders in recent years.

Oil spraying: With the rise of gradient colors, gradient spraying is gradually used in various product fields. Generally, spraying equipment using more than two colors of paint is used to slowly transition from one color to another by modifying the equipment structure. , forming a new decorative effect.

UV transfer: Wrap a layer of varnish (glossy, matte, inlaid crystal, glitter powder, etc.) on the product shell, mainly to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product and protect the surface of the product. It has high hardness and is resistant to corrosion and friction. Not prone to scratches, etc.

Note: Different plans can be developed according to customer needs to achieve the effect (the above printing effects are not limited).

Custom Packaging

Packing Box Types: Airplane Box (Mail Order Box), Tubular Double-Pronged Box, Sky-And-Ground Cover Box, Pull-Out Box, Window Box, Hanging Box, Blister Color Card, Etc.

Packaging And Boxing Method: Single Package, Multiple Packages

Note: Various packaging boxes can be customized according to customer needs.

Personal Alarm Certifications

Personal Alarm Certifications

Customized Function

Customized Strength Of Personal Alarm
Personal Alarm Customization Process

We have established a special smoke detector department for smoke detector products, which exists to satisfy ourselves in creating our own smoke detectors and to create exclusive smoke detector products for our customers. We have structural engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, test engineers and other professionals working together to complete the project. For product safety and rigor, we purchase various testing equipment to meet the various needs of customers.

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