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Water Leak Alarm

Banner Diagram Of Water Leakage Alarm

Smart Water Leak Alarm: The Patron Saint Of Home Safety, So That Water Is Nowhere To Hide

With the progress of science and technology, smart home equipment has become a must for people's lives. As one of them, the intelligent water detector is favored by users for its accurate detection and timely alarm characteristics. This smart water detector uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to monitor flooding in your home environment in real time. Once water is sensed, it will immediately trigger the alarm system, emit a sharp alarm sound, and push a message to the user's mobile phone through the mobile APP to inform the occurrence of flooding. In addition, its highly sensitive sensing elements ensure rapid response even in the case of tiny water droplets, providing users with timely and effective security.

Compared with traditional water detector, this smart water detector has a significant improvement in performance. It not only has a more accurate detection ability, but also through the APP push message, users can receive the alarm information at any time and anywhere, and respond in time.

In today's home security more and more attention, the intelligent water detector has undoubtedly become a powerful assistant to protect family security. Whether you're living alone, in a home with the elderly and children, or in a place that requires a high level of security, this smart water detector is your indispensable home security guard. Let's work together to make your family safe and secure every day.

We Have A Comprehensive Range Of Water Leak Alarm Product Styles

Function :130db alarm sound

Applicable environment: basement, water tank, computer room, water channel, water tower, water cellar, pool, swimming pool, water room, solar energy and other water storage equipment where you need to know where the water leakage or overflow.

Features :130db alarm sound, remote notification with TUYA application

Applicable environment: basement, water tank, computer room, water channel, water tower, water cellar, pool, swimming pool, water room, solar energy and other water storage equipment where you need to know where the water leakage or overflow.

We Provide OEM ODM Customized Services

Logo Printing

Silk screen LOGO: No limit on printing color (custom color). The printing effect has obvious concave and convex feeling and strong three-dimensional effect. Screen printing can not only print on a flat surface, but also print on special-shaped molded objects such as spherical curved surfaces. Anything with a shape can be printed by screen printing. Compared with laser engraving, silk screen printing has richer and more three-dimensional patterns, the color of the pattern can also be varied, and the screen printing process will not damage the product surface.

Laser engraving LOGO: single printing color (gray). The printing effect will feel sunken when touched by hand, and the color remains durable and does not fade. Laser engraving can process a wide range of materials, and almost all materials can be processed by laser engraving. In terms of wear resistance, laser engraving is higher than silk screen printing. The laser-engraved patterns will not wear out over time.

Note: Do you want to see what is the look like of the product with your logo? Contact us and we will show the artwork for reference.

Customizing Product Colors

Spray-free injection molding: To achieve high gloss and traceless spray-free, there are high requirements in material selection and mold design, such as the fluidity, stability, gloss and some mechanical properties of the material; the mold may need to consider temperature resistance , water channels, the strength properties of the mold material itself, etc.

Two-color and multi-color injection molding: Not only can it be 2-color or 3-color, but it can also be combined with more materials to complete processing and production, depending on the design of the product.

Plasma coating: The metal texture effect brought by electroplating is achieved through plasma coating on the product surface (mirror high gloss, matte, semi-matte, etc.). The color can be adjusted at will. The process and materials used do not contain heavy metals and are very environmentally friendly. This is a high-tech technology that has been developed and applied across borders in recent years.

Oil spraying: With the rise of gradient colors, gradient spraying is gradually used in various product fields. Generally, spraying equipment using more than two colors of paint is used to slowly transition from one color to another by modifying the equipment structure. , forming a new decorative effect.

UV transfer: Wrap a layer of varnish (glossy, matte, inlaid crystal, glitter powder, etc.) on the product shell, mainly to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product and protect the surface of the product. It has high hardness and is resistant to corrosion and friction. Not prone to scratches, etc.

Note: Different plans can be developed according to customer needs to achieve the effect (the above printing effects are not limited).

Custom Packaging

Packing Box Types: Airplane Box (Mail Order Box), Tubular Double-Pronged Box, Sky-And-Ground Cover Box, Pull-Out Box, Window Box, Hanging Box, Blister Color Card, Etc.

Packaging And Boxing Method: Single Package, Multiple Packages

Note: Various packaging boxes can be customized according to customer needs.

Water Leak Alarm Certifications

Water Leakage Alarm Certifications

Customized Function

Customized Strength Of Water Leakage Alarm
Water Leakage Alarm Customization Process

Our professional engineering team has rich research and development experience and technical strength, from design to production, every step is strictly controlled to ensure that product quality and performance reach the highest standards. We use high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes to create durable, reliable and high-performance smart water alarms. The water alarm can be customized according to the needs of users and family environment, including appearance design, size, alarm mode, linkage equipment and so on. Users can choose their favorite design and color, choose the appropriate size and installation method according to the home environment and space size, and also choose to link with other smart home devices to achieve more intelligent home security protection.

In short, our factory has a strong strength and professional technical team, can provide customers with high quality, high performance intelligent water alarm products. We are committed to providing customers with satisfactory service and provide more comprehensive and personalized protection for family security. Professional team, various product qualification certificates, various testing equipment, etc., can show that we have a strong strength. Choose our factory, you will get the best service and quality assurance.

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