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product news

  • Ariza New model Cute Design Personal Alarm

    Many people are able to live happy, independent lives well into old age. But should elderly people ever experience a medical scare or another type of emergency, they may require urgent assistance from a loved one or carer. However, when elderly relatives live alone, it’s difficult to be there for...
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  • Ariza New Model personal alarm with different colors!

    Wholesale Safe Sound SOS Emergency Self Defense Security Anti Attack Alarm With LED Alarm Personal Safety Keychains For Women,these colors: Black、White、Purple、 Blue、 Rose Red、Pink、Army Green are available! For this model only use 1pcs replaceable battery,the product weight will be more ligh...
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  • Best personal alarms for the elderly tried and tested

    Best personal alarms for the elderly tried and tested

    Many people can live happy, independent lives well into old age. But should elderly people ever experience a medical scare or another type of emergency, they may require urgent assistance from a loved one or carer. However, when elderly relatives live alone, it’s difficult to be there for them ri...
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  • Best smart smoke detector to keep your home safe

    Best smart smoke detector to keep your home safe

    Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors warn you of imminent danger in your home, so you can get out as soon as possible. As such, they are essential life-safety devices. A smart smoke alarm or CO detector will alert you to danger from smoke, fire, or a malfunctioning appliance even when ...
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  • Ariza 10 Year Battery Interlinked Smoke Alarm

    Ariza’s smoek detector adopts a photoelectric sensor with a special structure design and a reliable MCU, which can effectively detect the smoke generated in the initial smoldering stage or after the fire. When the smoke enters the detector, the light source will produce scattered light, and...
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  • Detailed explanation of the function of burglar alarm for doors and windows

    Currently, the issue of safety has become an issue that families attach importance to. “Because the perpetrators of crimes are becoming more and more professional and technologically sophisticated, it is often reported in the news that they have been stolen from somewhere, and the stolen it...
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  • What is the personal alarm and what do they do for us?

    Personal alarm is mainly used to call for help or remind others. Its principle is to pull out the pin and it emits alarm sound more than 130 decibels. Its sound is sharp and harsh. It is recommended not to use it within 10cm of the ear. Currently, products generally use rechargeable lithium batte...
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    Features • Advanced motion detecting distance up to 5M. • Wide viewing angle, see more of every moment • WiFi wireless connection • Support local storage by MicroSD card up to 128GB • Support 2-way audio between phone and camera • Up and down foldable design to make it more compact • Support 7X24...
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  • What should I do when I meet a satyr? Pepper spray is out of date, now personal alarm is popular

    In Japan, there is a finger-size alarm that can emit an alarm sound of up to 130 decibels when the plug is pulled out. It seems very interesting. What role can it play? For some reasons you know, Japanese women have been far more likely to be harassed than other regions. On the one hand, traditio...
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  • Why door&window are so important to home safety?

    We’ve seen feedback from Amazon customers who describe some of the help they’ve gotten from having a door and window alarm product: Customer comment from F-03 TUYA Door and Window Alarm: A woman in Spain said that she recently moved to a small apartment, living on a lower floor, she a...
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  • What is the difference between a personal alarm and shouting for help?

    There are many kinds of “personal alarm” on the market, including wrist type alarm, infrared alarm, circular alarm, and light alarm. They all have the same feature – loud enough. Generally, bad people will feel guilty when they do bad things, and the personal alarm is based on t...
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  • What to look for in a quality personal safety alarm for runners

    LED lighting Many personal safety alarms for runners will have a built-in LED light. The light is useful for when you can’t see certain areas or when you are trying to capture someone’s attention after the siren has been triggered. This can be especially helpful when you’re jogging outside during...
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  • 2023 most popular product of Tuya key finder

    Tuya’s key finder connects to the phone’s built-in Tuya app and is one of the best trackers available right now. It has a compact design, so it can fit anywhere. In your luggage, we would recommend putting it inside your bag (rather than using a keychain to leave it hanging) so it doesn’t g...
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  • Ariza’s new design smoke detector with TUV EN14604

    Ariza’s standalone photoelectric smoke detector. It uses the infrared ray scattered from the smoke to judge whether there is smoke. When smoke is detected, it emits alarm. The smoke sensor uses a unique structure and photoelectric signal processing technology to effectively detect the visib...
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  • Importance of using smoke alarm

    With the increase of modern household fire and electricity consumption, the frequency of household fire is becoming higher and higher. Once a family fire occurs, it is easy to have adverse factors such as untimely fire fighting, lack of fire-fighting equipment, panic of people present, and slow e...
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  • How Does The Ariza Personal Alarm Work?

    How Does The Ariza Personal Alarm Work?

    Due to its ability to assist victims in making quick judgments, the Ariza personal keychain alarm is exceptional. I was able to respond almost promptly when I encountered a similar circumstance. In addition, as soon as I removed the pin from the Ariza alarm’s body, it began to make a 130 dB...
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  • Benefits Of Ariza Alarm

    Benefits Of Ariza Alarm

    The personal alarm is a non-violent safety gadget and is TSA-compliant. Unlike provocative items like pepper spray or pen knives, the TSA won’t seize them. ● No possibility of accidental harm Accidents involving offensive self-defense weapons may harm the user or someone mistakenly believed...
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  • Ariza Household fire protection products

    Nowadays more and more families pay attention to fire prevention, because the danger of fire is very serious. To solve this problem, we have developed a lot of fire prevention products, suitable for the needs of different families.Some are wifi models, some with standalone batteries, and some wit...
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  • How to choose Home Security products?

    As we all know, personal security is closely linked to home security. It’s important to choose the right personal security products,but how to choose the right home security products? 1.Door alam Door alarm have different models,normal design suitable for small house,interconnect door alarm...
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  • Home security— you need a door and window alarm

    Windows and doors have always been the common channels for thieves to steal. In order to prevent thieves from invading us through windows and doors, we must do a good job of anti-theft. We install door alarm sensor on the doors and windows, which can block the channels for thieves to invade and p...
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  • New design TUYA blue tooth key finder: two-way anti loss

    For people who often “lose things” in daily life, this anti loss device can be said to be a magic weapon. Shenzhen Ariza Electronic Co., Ltd. has recently developed a SMART anti loss device works with TUYA app, which supports finding, two-way anti loss, and can be matched with a key r...
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  • Is it safe to keep the safe at home?

    In recent years, social security accidents have occurred frequently, and the public security situation has become increasingly severe. In particular, villages and towns are often located in sparsely populated and relatively remote places, with a single family and courtyard, a certain distance fro...
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  • How to select Security products?

    ABS plastic material more durable and good resistance to corrosion. When we talk about security, it’s better to have something of high quality. He will not let you down at the wrong time. Pay attention to the poor quality of the competition.  2 AAA batteries included. A lot more durable t...
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  • Why is it easier to operate a self-defense alarm?

    What do we usually mean by the self-defense alarm? Is there such a product that when we are in danger, the alarm will sound as long as the pin is pulled out, and when the pin is inserted, the alarm will stop, which means the self-defense alarm. The self-defense alarm is small and portable, and ca...
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  • To protect the safety of children, the door and window vibration alarm is coming.

    To protect the safety of children, the door and window vibration alarm is coming.

    I believe that every family with children will have such concerns. Children love to explore and climb windows. Climbing windows will have considerable safety hazards. Considering the large amount of work and hidden dangers of installing protective nets, many parents will simply not open windows o...
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  • School season

    Ariza Logo  “These self-defense options complemented by personal safety products help empower students, and ensure parents have peace of mind,” says Nance. “Knowing what works best in various threatening situations gives students more confidence on campus.” Level 1: Draw A...
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  • What is the powerful power of this anti wolf alarm that makes it popular with female friends?

    Among the anti wolf devices used by female friends, the most popular is the anti wolf alarm. What is the powerful power of this anti wolf alarm that makes it popular with female friends? The wolf alarm has also become a personal alarm. Generally speaking, the use of the personal alarm is very sim...
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  • TUYA smart anti – loss device: a key to find objects, two-way anti – loss

    For people who often “lose things” in daily life, this anti loss device can be said to be an artifact. Shenzhen ARIZA Electronic Co., Ltd. recently developed a TUYA intelligent anti loss device, which supports one piece of search, two-way anti loss, can be matched with key chain and m...
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  • Portable and Delicate self-defense alarm for women

    Are you fully prepared in case of emergencies? Now women’s safety a growing concern.Your familes’ of your loved ones is always going to be one of your top priorities. You need to have peace of mind knowing your loved ones or yourself have something reliable and effective in the case o...
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  • Smart life

    Smart life

    Home automation usually relies on short-range wireless standards such as Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, or WiFi, sometimes with the help of repeaters for larger houses. But if you need to monitor large houses, several houses on a piece of land, or apartments, you’d be glad that you can also do so, at leas...
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  • Why we should have a self defense personal alarm?

    I believe you will often hear some news about the murder of a woman, such as the murder of Taxi, the stalking of a woman living alone, the insecurity of staying in a hotel, and so on. A personal alarm is a helpful weapon. 1. When a woman meets a Lothario,pull out the key chain of the alarm or pr...
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  • The most popular colorful personal alarm for girls

    Whenever a girl walks alone, she faces the possibility of being followed by bad guys.As soon as they do nothing, but that’s what it is. So girls can only find ways to find everything that can protect themselves.In response to this demand, we researched and produced a personal alarm that can...
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  • Best personal safety alarm for women

    Best personal safety alarm for women

    It is an eternal topic for women to learn to protect themselves. You never know when someone might be dangerous along your route. A personal security alarm can be a lifesaver, as it can alert nearby people that you need help. If you are looking for a personal security alarm with a long shelf life...
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  • Smart Socket WIFI Plug

    Smart Socket WIFI Plug

      Control Your Fixtures from Anywhere MiNi Smart Plug , 16A/AC100-240V Mini smart plug can control whenever and wherever! The Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug provide wireless control of your lights and appliances. No hub is required: compact mini smart plug connect devices control your device usi...
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