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product news

  • Portable and Delicate self-defense alarm for women

    Are you fully prepared in case of emergencies? Now women’s safety a growing concern.Your familes’ of your loved ones is always going to be one of your top priorities. You need to have peace of mind knowing your loved ones or yourself have something reliable and effective in the case o...
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  • Smart life

    Smart life

    Home automation usually relies on short-range wireless standards such as Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, or WiFi, sometimes with the help of repeaters for larger houses. But if you need to monitor large houses, several houses on a piece of land, or apartments, you’d be glad that you can also do so, at leas...
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  • Why we should have a self defense personal alarm?

    I believe you will often hear some news about the murder of a woman, such as the murder of Taxi, the stalking of a woman living alone, the insecurity of staying in a hotel, and so on. A personal alarm is a helpful weapon. 1. When a woman meets a Lothario,pull out the key chain of the alarm or pr...
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  • How to use a Tuya key finder to track your key

    How to use a Tuya key finder to track your key

    Tuya’s key finder connects to the phone’s built-in Tuya app and is one of the best trackers available right now. It has a compact design, so it can fit anywhere. In your luggage, we would recommend putting it inside your bag (rather than using a keychain to leave it hanging) so it doesn’t g...
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  • The most popular colorful personal alarm for girls

    Whenever a girl walks alone, she faces the possibility of being followed by bad guys.As soon as they do nothing, but that’s what it is. So girls can only find ways to find everything that can protect themselves.In response to this demand, we researched and produced a personal alarm that can...
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  • Best personal safety alarm for women

    Best personal safety alarm for women

    It is an eternal topic for women to learn to protect themselves. You never know when someone might be dangerous along your route. A personal security alarm can be a lifesaver, as it can alert nearby people that you need help. If you are looking for a personal security alarm with a long shelf life...
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  • Smart Socket WIFI Plug

    Smart Socket WIFI Plug

      Control Your Fixtures from Anywhere MiNi Smart Plug , 16A/AC100-240V Mini smart plug can control whenever and wherever! The Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug provide wireless control of your lights and appliances. No hub is required: compact mini smart plug connect devices control your device usi...
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