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Colorful company activities-Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. What kind of activities has the company planned for this happy festival? After the May Day holiday, the hardworking employees ushered in a short holiday. Many people have planned in advance to have family and friends parties, go out to play, or stay at home and have a good rest. However, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to thank all the employees of the enterprise for their hard work over the past year, our company specially planned this Dragon Boat Festival carnival. We hope you can feel different corporate culture and fun after work!

1. Time: June 5, 2022, 3 p.m
2. Activity subject: all personnel of the company
3. Bonus games
A: In a group of two, each person’s leg is tied together, and that group will win with the least time to the finish line.
B: In a group of five, whichever team can get the most bottles in the shortest time will win.
4. Award: award a prize to the winner
5. Dragon Boat Festival dinner: all employees eat snacks, chat and sing together.
6. Finally, give each employee benefits – zongzi, fruit,
7. Group photo

Through this activity, everyone deeply experience the flavor of Chinese traditional festivals, let everyone relax their body and mind and feel the warmth of the big family.



Post time: Jul-15-2022
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