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The Original Personal Safety Alarm

A safety alarm as loud as an overhead jet engine…

Yep. You read that right. The personal safety alarm packs some serious power: 130 decibels, to be exact. Aka the same noise level of an active jackhammer or when standing by the speakers at a concert. It’s also got a flashing strobe light that activates as soon as the top pin is removed. So if you’re in a scary situation, you’ll be able to call attention to it quickly.

Whether you are walking alone at night or exploring a new city by day, an ever-present item in your purse is the simple but powerful personal safety alarm. All it takes is a quick sturdy pull of the top pin in an emergency, and the sound is triggered. In addition to the siren, there’s also a flashing strobe light to drive away would-be attackers. It’s a no-brainer for every solo traveler — and makes a useful stocking stuffer.

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Post time: Jan-01-2024
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