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Win-win cooperation in September and October every year

September and October are two important purchasing and selling seasons in the foreign trade industry. During this period, many international traders and buyers will increase their procurement and sales activities, as this is a period of relatively abundant Chinese commercial aircraft throughout the year.
September is usually the peak season for sales in the foreign trade industry. Many suppliers hold promotional activities to attract consumers and buyers. At this point, many large buyers actively seek products and suppliers to prepare for the year-end sales season.
October, although slightly inferior to September, is still a busy period for the foreign trade industry. In this month, many businesses will conduct end-of-season inventory checks and other tasks, which is also a good time for buyers to search for discounted products and promotional opportunities.
September and October are an important commercial node that has a significant impact on the development and trading activities of the foreign trade industry. During this period, merchants and buyers can better grasp market dynamics, seek cooperation opportunities, and achieve win-win cooperation.



Post time: Aug-30-2023
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