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Banner Diagram Of Fire Alarm

Fire Safety and Smoke Alarms

In recent years, with the improvement of building legislation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011) in various European countries, the EU has implemented relevant laws and regulations requiring mandatory installation of smoke alarms in every home. The market demand for smoke alarms has shown a blowout trend. The annual sales volume in Germany and France is in the tens of millions, and fire alarms will gradually become popular in every household around the world. Why was this decree issued? Because 70% of home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke detectors or gas detectors, and in nearly one-third of reported fires, smoke alarms played a significant role, saving more than just Human life, but thousands of families, every family has a fire alarm, and there is no harm at all. We also adhere to our original intention: to protect the family safety of every stranger we have never met. We have built our own photoelectric smoke detector. It currently has EN14604 certification, FCC certification, RoHS certification, UL217 test report, appearance patent certificate, and won the MUSE Design Award. This is our honor. In order to build them, we specially invited a professional smoke detector team, purchased a variety of testing equipment, and treated every part of it rigorously to ensure that it can play the greatest role in the hands of customers. We are serious about it.

We Have A Comprehensive Range Of Fire Alarm Product

Smoke Detectors

Sensor type: Photoelectric sensor

Product functions: Standalone smoke alarm/interconnected smoke alarm/WIFI smoke alarm/interconnected + WiFi smoke alarm

Service life: 3 years smoke alarm/10 years smoke alarm

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Sensor type: Photoelectric sensor

Product Features: Standalone smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Service life: 10 years smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Sensor type: Photoelectric sensor

Product function: Standalone carbon monoxide alarm

Service life: 3 years for carbon monoxide alarm/7 years for carbon monoxide alarm

We Provide OEM ODM Customized Services

Logo Printing

Silk screen LOGO: No limit on printing color (custom color). The printing effect has obvious concave and convex feeling and strong three-dimensional effect. Screen printing can not only print on a flat surface, but also print on special-shaped molded objects such as spherical curved surfaces. Anything with a shape can be printed by screen printing. Compared with laser engraving, silk screen printing has richer and more three-dimensional patterns, the color of the pattern can also be varied, and the screen printing process will not damage the product surface.

Laser engraving LOGO: single printing color (gray). The printing effect will feel sunken when touched by hand, and the color remains durable and does not fade. Laser engraving can process a wide range of materials, and almost all materials can be processed by laser engraving. In terms of wear resistance, laser engraving is higher than silk screen printing. The laser-engraved patterns will not wear out over time. 

Note: Do you want to see what is the look like of the product with your logo? Contact us and we will show the artwork for reference.

Custom Packaging

Packing Box Types: Airplane Box (Mail Order Box), Tubular Double-Pronged Box, Sky-And-Ground Cover Box, Pull-Out Box, Window Box, Hanging Box, Blister Color Card, Etc.

Packaging And Boxing Method: Single Package, Multiple Packages

Note: Various packaging boxes can be customized according to customer needs.

Smoke Alarm Certifications

Smoke Alarm Certifications

Customized Function

Customized Strength Of Smoke Alarm
Smoke Alarm Customization Process

We have established a special smoke detector department for smoke detector products, which exists to satisfy ourselves in creating our own smoke detectors and to create exclusive smoke detector products for our customers. We have structural engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, test engineers and other professionals working together to complete the project. For product safety and rigor, we purchase various testing equipment to meet the various needs of customers.

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