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Ariza quality control– Execution of raw material inspection process

1. Incoming inspection: It is the primary control point for our company to prevent unqualified materials from entering the production process.
2. Procurement Department: Notify the warehouse management department and quality department to prepare for incoming material acceptance and inspection work based on the arrival date, variety, specifications, etc. of raw materials
3. Material Department: Confirm the product specifications, varieties, quantities, and packaging methodsbased on the purchase order, and place the incoming materials in the inspection waiting area, and notifythe inspection personnel to inspect the batch of materials
4. Quality Department: Based on all materials judged according to quality standards, after passing the IQC inspection, the warehouse will perform warehousing processing. If the materials are found to be unqualified, the MRB – review (procurement, engineering, PMC, R&D, business, etc.) will provide feedback and the department head will sign. Decisions can be made: A. Return B. Limited quantity acceptance C Processing/selection (supplier processing/selection is guided by IQC, production department processing/selection is guided by engineering, and for Class C processing plan, it is signed and executed by the highest leader of the company.


Post time: Jul-31-2023
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