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The 2024 ARIZA Qingyuan Team-building Trip Ended Successfully

In order to enhance team cohesion and improve communication and collaboration among employees, Shenzhen Ariza Electronics Co., Ltd. carefully planned a unique Qingyuan team-building trip. The two-day trip aims to allow employees to relax and enjoy the charm of nature after intense work, while also enhancing mutual understanding and trust in the game.

Recently, Shenzhen Ariza Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a unique Qingyuan team building trip to enhance team cohesion and enrich employees’ spare time. This team building activity lasted for two days and was wonderful, leaving unforgettable memories for the participating employees.

The 2024 ARIZA Qingyuan Team-building Trip Ended Successfully(1)

On the first day, the team members arrived at Gulong Gorge, where the natural scenery was breathtaking. Gulong Gorge rafting, as the first stop, attracted everyone’s attention with its thrilling water projects. Employees put on life jackets, took rubber boats, shuttled through the turbulent streams, and enjoyed the speed and passion of the water. Afterwards, everyone came to Yuntian Glass Boss, challenged themselves, climbed to the top, stood on the transparent glass bridge, and overlooked the mountains and rivers under their feet, which made people sigh at the magnificence of nature and the insignificance of human beings.

The 2024 ARIZA Qingyuan Team-building Trip Ended Successfully(2)

After a day of excitement, the team members came to Qingyuan Niuyuzui on the second day, which is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating leisure, entertainment and expansion. The first was the real-life CS project. The employees were divided into two teams and had a fierce showdown in the dense jungle. The intense and exciting battle filled everyone with fighting spirit, and the team’s tacit understanding and cooperation were also improved in the battle. Then, everyone experienced the off-road vehicle project, driving an off-road vehicle on a rugged mountain road, feeling the collision of speed and passion. The team members came to the rafting area again, and everyone took a raft to swim on the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains and clear waters.

The 2024 ARIZA Qingyuan Team-building Trip Ended Successfully(3)

In the afternoon, in the last project area, everyone took a cruise on the river, enjoying the scenery along the way, and feeling the tranquility and harmony of nature. On the deck of the cruise ship, everyone took photos to record this beautiful moment. 

This Qingyuan team-building trip not only allowed employees to release work pressure, but also enhanced the team’s cohesion and collaboration ability. Everyone supported and encouraged each other during the event and completed various challenges together. At the same time, this event also allowed everyone to understand each other more deeply and enhance the friendship between colleagues. 

Shenzhen Ariza Electronics Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to the physical and mental health and team building of its employees. The complete success of this team building trip not only provides employees with an opportunity to relax and enjoy life, but also injects new vitality into the long-term development of the company. In the future, the company will continue to organize more colorful activities to create more happiness and joy for employees.


Post time: Jul-03-2024
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