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  • To protect the safety of children, the door and window vibration alarm is coming.

    To protect the safety of children, the door and window vibration alarm is coming.

    I believe that every family with children will have such concerns. Children love to explore and climb windows. Climbing windows will have considerable safety hazards. Considering the large amount of work and hidden dangers of installing protective nets, many parents will simply not open windows o...
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  • Remote door/window alarm, help home door and window protection!

    Summer is a period of a high incidence of theft cases. Although many people now have anti-theft doors and windows installed in their homes, it is inevitable that evil hands will reach into their homes. To prevent them from happening, it is also necessary to install magnetic door alarms at home. D...
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  • Ariza Large-scale September Purchasing Festival

    September is a special month for us every year,as this month is Procurement Festival, we are always ready to serve our customers and solve problems. In early September, all the companies will come together,We will commit to a goal together, and all will work hard for it.  
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  • Ariza We strive to be the most trusted friend of our customers

    Shenzhen Ariza Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, we are specialized factory with strength of security alarm products for 12years.  Over the years we have had a lot of family and friends,We work together to a bright future together! At work, we are professional and conscientiou...
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  • This helpful item trackers to keep a watchful eye on your belongings

    This helpful item trackers to keep a watchful eye on your belongings

    You should always keep track of your belongings. You just never know when an item might go missing – either being simply misplaced or taken by some unexpected thief. In a time like that is precisely when an item tracker comes in! An item tracker is a portable tracking device that you can ca...
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  • School season

    School season

    Ariza Logo  “These self-defense options complemented by personal safety products help empower students, and ensure parents have peace of mind,” says Nance. “Knowing what works best in various threatening situations gives students more confidence on campus.” Level 1: Draw A...
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  • What is the powerful power of this anti wolf alarm that makes it popular with female friends?

    Among the anti wolf devices used by female friends, the most popular is the anti wolf alarm. What is the powerful power of this anti wolf alarm that makes it popular with female friends? The wolf alarm has also become a personal alarm. Generally speaking, the use of the personal alarm is very sim...
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  • TUYA smart anti – loss device: a key to find objects, two-way anti – loss

    For people who often “lose things” in daily life, this anti loss device can be said to be an artifact. Shenzhen ARIZA Electronic Co., Ltd. recently developed a TUYA intelligent anti loss device, which supports one piece of search, two-way anti loss, can be matched with key chain and m...
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  • Portable and Delicate self-defense alarm for women

    Are you fully prepared in case of emergencies? Now women’s safety a growing concern.Your familes’ of your loved ones is always going to be one of your top priorities. You need to have peace of mind knowing your loved ones or yourself have something reliable and effective in the case o...
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  • Smart life

    Smart life

    Home automation usually relies on short-range wireless standards such as Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, or WiFi, sometimes with the help of repeaters for larger houses. But if you need to monitor large houses, several houses on a piece of land, or apartments, you’d be glad that you can also do so, at leas...
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  • Birthday gift

    Turning 16 years old is a major milestone in life. You might not be considered a legal adult yet, but you have reached the age when you’re permitted to get a driver’s license (in most parts of the country), and you might even start your first job. So, 16th birthdays are often an excuse to celebra...
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  • Why is the operation of self-defense alarm more simplified?

    What do we mean by the self-defense alarm? Is there such a product? When we are in danger, as long as we pull out the pull ring, the alarm will sound. When we insert the pull ring, the alarm will stop. It is a self-defense alarm. The self-defense alarm is small and portable, and can be carried ar...
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  • Why we should have a self defense personal alarm?

    I believe you will often hear some news about the murder of a woman, such as the murder of Taxi, the stalking of a woman living alone, the insecurity of staying in a hotel, and so on. A personal alarm is a helpful weapon. 1. When a woman meets a Lothario,pull out the key chain of the alarm or pr...
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  • Simple Guide for Women to protect themselves

    The issue of self-protection in the modern society comes out on top. With a great priority the question of “how to defend yourself?” concerns more women than men. There are women who more likely to become victims of dangerous attacks. Those are different kinds either when the victim is bein...
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  • How to use a Tuya key finder to track your key

    How to use a Tuya key finder to track your key

    Tuya’s key finder connects to the phone’s built-in Tuya app and is one of the best trackers available right now. It has a compact design, so it can fit anywhere. In your luggage, we would recommend putting it inside your bag (rather than using a keychain to leave it hanging) so it doesn’t g...
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  • Doors and Windows burglar alarm application common sense

    At present, the safety problem has become an important issue for all families. Because now the perpetrators are more and more professional, and their technology is also higher and higher. We often see reports on the news that where and where were stolen, and the stolen are all equipped with anti-...
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  • Ariza-We are a group of people who work hard and love life

    We are not only a trade company but also a factory,established in 2009 until now we have 12 years experience in this market. We have our own R&D department、SALES department、QC department.We take our customers’ orders seriously to ensure the quality of the products. Our sales alway tol...
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  • How can we effectively avoid the obscenity and harassment of Lothario?

    Everyone has a love of beauty. In hot summer, female friends wear thin and beautiful summer clothes, which can not only show the graceful posture of women, but also enjoy the cool pleasure brought by thin clothes. However, there are always pros and cons in everything. In summer, if women wear too...
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  • The most popular colorful personal alarm for girls

    Whenever a girl walks alone, she faces the possibility of being followed by bad guys.As soon as they do nothing, but that’s what it is. So girls can only find ways to find everything that can protect themselves.In response to this demand, we researched and produced a personal alarm that can...
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  • Best personal safety alarm for women

    Best personal safety alarm for women

    It is an eternal topic for women to learn to protect themselves. You never know when someone might be dangerous along your route. A personal security alarm can be a lifesaver, as it can alert nearby people that you need help. If you are looking for a personal security alarm with a long shelf life...
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  • Colorful company activities-Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. What kind of activities has the company planned for this happy festival? After the May Day holiday, the hardworking employees ushered in a short holiday. Many people have planned in advance to have family and friends parties, go out to play, or stay at home an...
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  • 艾瑞泽APP隐私申明

    《用户协议》与《隐私声明》   艾瑞泽 APP是一款服务于个人安全的移动互联 网应用,配合相应的硬件设备使用。   艾瑞泽 APP提供快速报警、联系紧急联系人、 求助地址发送等功能:当您遇到危险情况不方便使 用手机时、及不适合拔打110电话报警时,可以使用 艾瑞泽 及相关硬件设备进行一键预警、联系 紧急联系人...
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  • Tuya Wifi LCD Digital Natural Gas Leak Detector

    Tuya Wifi LCD Digital Natural Gas Leak Detector

    Product feature  Product Name WIFI gas detector Input voltage DC5V (micro USB standard connector) operating current <150mA Alarm time <30 second Element age 3 years Installation method wall mount Air pressure 86~106 Kpa Operation Temperature 0~55℃...
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  • 4g GPS persoanl tracker

    4g GPS persoanl tracker

    After going out for a walk, the old man lost his way and didn’t return home; the child didn’t know where to play after school, so he didn’t go home for a long time This kind of personnel loss is increasing, which leads to the hot sale of Personal GPS locator. Personal GPS locato...
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  • Smart Socket WIFI Plug

    Smart Socket WIFI Plug

      Control Your Fixtures from Anywhere MiNi Smart Plug , 16A/AC100-240V Mini smart plug can control whenever and wherever! The Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug provide wireless control of your lights and appliances. No hub is required: compact mini smart plug connect devices control your device usi...
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  • 1080P Home tuya wifi Camera

    1080P Home tuya wifi Camera

    WiFi Home Camera with Motion Detection, Alert Notification supports 1080P HD real-time video, enabling you to check your home, your baby, your pet 24/7. Two-way Audio mode makes comforting your baby, commanding your pet while leaving home come true. Enhanced Night Vision makes your house bright a...
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  • Security Camera Dummy Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED

    Security Camera Dummy Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED

      “Based on domestic market and expand abroad business” is our enhancement strategy for High Quality for Dummy Dome Camera . We welcome you to inquire us by contact or mail and hope to construct an effective and cooperative romantic relationship.      
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  • dummy camera cctv security outdoor water proof dummy security camera

    dummy camera cctv security outdoor water proof dummy security camera

    Excellent quality simulation Camera , We adhere to the honest, efficient, practical win-win running mission and people-oriented business philosophy. Excellent quality, reasonable price and customer satisfaction are always pursued! If you are interested in our products, just try to contact us for...
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  • Simulation Camera–deceive instuders with falsehood

    Simulation Camera–deceive instuders with falsehood

    1. Indoors or Outdoors,Home or Depot Use – Not a real Camera:cheap and effective way to stop criminals from doing destroy ,Installed quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall using the included screws.Deter robbery, theft, and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera. 2,One...
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  • Wireless WIFI Door Sensor Tuya APP System

    Wireless WIFI Door Sensor Tuya APP System

    Product Description Model: F-02 Use the scene: Door/Window Material: ABS Plastic Weight: 120g Decibel: 130db Battery: 2pcs AAA App system: TUYA Carton size: 39*33.5*32.5cm Connection: 1.Made sure the Wi-Fi door sensor & Your smart phone are...
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  • Know about the Smart Life APP of smart plug

    Know about the Smart Life APP of smart plug

    Step 1: Search “Smart Life” on App Store, Google Play or Scan the QR code on User Manual to download and install it. Step 2:Connect the plug to your local 2.4G WIFI with your phone connecting to it. Step 3:Set up your Smart Life account. Step 4:Plug ARIZA mini outlet into an AC ou...
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  • New Beauty Loudest Anti Lost Key chain Personal Alarm

    New Beauty Loudest Anti Lost Key chain Personal Alarm

     ARIZA Personal Alarm A Better Choice: 1. A THICKER COPPER SOUND GENERATOR – ensures a louder and stable sound. 2. SUPERIOR MATERIAL – environmental health-free and durable ABS. 3. QUALITY BATTERIES – better batteries efficiently lower your power consumption. 4. STYLISH HEART SH...
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  • Why a smart socket is necessary?

    Why a smart socket is necessary?

    1. Interaction function Through mobile app, remote control and other ways to control the smart socket, real-time display and control together constitute excellent interactive functions. 2. Control function TV, air conditioner, air purifier and other household appliances can be controlled by mobil...
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  • Anti Attack Emergency Tool for Women

    Anti Attack Emergency Tool for Women

    High Quality for Personal Alarm For Women, Pendants Wireless Medical Panic Button, Pendant Sos Button, Each customer’s satisfactory is our goal. We’ve been looking for long-term cooperation with each customer. To meet this, we keep up our quality and deliver extraordinary customer ser...
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  • Smart Wi-Fi Plug

    Smart Wi-Fi Plug

    The Smart Wi-Fi Plug allows time setting for your appliances so that they run on your schedule.  You’ll find that automating your devices will help streamline your daily routine for a more efficient household. The advantages of the wifi plug: 1. Enjoy Convenience of Life With the phone control, ...
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  • Tuya smart home

    Tuya smart home

    Sensors play an important role in intelligent home, Web of Things and other fields. Intelligent sensors are the first step to realize automatic detection and automatic control. In addition to the smart door magnetic, ARIZA has launched the SMART leakage detector, SMART VIBRATION WINDOW ALARM. And...
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