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What are our production principles?

Ariza provides comprehensive customized services such as product logo, product packaging. product color, product appearance model, product function, product certificate, etc. Sufficient spot reserves, our factory will ship directly to customers within 3 days of placing an order

Focus on the principle that one customer is God.

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Customized Logo, Product Color

LOGO effect type
● Silk screen LOGO: no limit to printing color (custom color)

● Laser engraving LOGO: Monochrome printing (grey)

Product shell color type
● Spray-free injection molding, two-color, multi-color injection molding, oil spraying, UV transfer, etc.

Note: Different plans can be developed according to customer needs to achieve the effect (the above printing effects are not limited)

Customized Product Packaging Box

● Packing box type: Airplane boxes (mail order boxes), tubular double-tube boxes, sky-and-ground cover boxes, pull-out boxes, window boxes, hanging boxes, blister color cards, etc.

● Packaging and cartoning methods: single packaging box, multiple packaging boxes

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Custom Function Module

● Collect functions, materials, and color requirements from customers

● Confirm the implementability of functional modules

● Custom function motherboard

● R&D and production of samples

● Test, optimize and confirm the final version of the sample

● Mass production (1:1 restoration of customer needs)

Assistance In Applying For Certification

Ariza can work directly with laboratories or assist clients in obtaining certifications including FCC, CE, ROHS, EN14604, EMV, PCI and region-specific certifications import CCC, MSDS, BIS, etc.

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Note: We cannot show you the product shell display and introduction. This is a secret between us and our customers and cannot be disclosed.

Want to calculate how long it will take to receive products with customized logos?

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Step 1

Email us, chat live or add WhatsApp and provide your needs.
For example, the product logo you want.

Time-consuming and final result based on discussions with clients

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Step 2

Make renderings and send them to customers for review;
Confirm whether the product logo is silk screen or laser engraving.

15 minutes

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Step 3

After the customer confirms the customization and pays the fee, we will immediately arrange to make the sample.

It takes 20 minutes to laser engrave the logo and 3 days to print the sample.

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Step 4

According to customer needs, samples need to be sent. We will arrange to send the samples after checking them to be 100% correct;
If there is no need to send samples, we will take comprehensive pictures and videos of product details.

3-7 days delivery time

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Step 5

Prepare crafting materials and mass-produce products.

5-7 days / 7-10 days

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Step 6

Delivery time
Express delivery 7 days
Shipping 30 days

3-7 days delivery time

If you need to know how long it takes to customize product colors, product packaging boxes, product shells, and product functions, to estimate your own time, please contact us.

We will tell you how long it will take.

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