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Door and window alarm: A caring little assistant to guard family safety

With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, door and window alarms have become an important tool for family security. Door and window alarm can not only monitor the opening and closing status of doors and Windows in real time, but also emit a loud alarm in the event of an abnormal situation to remind family or neighbors to be vigilant in time. Door and window alarms are usually built with a tweeter, which can make a harsh sound in an emergency, effectively deterring potential intruders. At the same time, different doorbells can meet the needs of different families, so that users can choose according to personal preferences. In addition, the smart door and window alarm is very suitable for users who are not at home, once an abnormal situation is found, such as doors and Windows are broken into, forced into, etc., the alarm will immediately emit a high decibel alarm sound, and send alarm information to the user through the mobile APP, so that the user can grasp the security situation at any time. This provides great convenience for users.

Door magnetic induction alarm
Doorbell mode selection
SOS Alarm
Volume adjustable
Remote notification on application



In short, the door and window alarm is a practical home security tool. Through audible alarms and APP notifications, it provides users with a full range of security, making home security easier and more convenient. Whether at home or when going out, the door and window alarm is a caring little assistant to guard the safety of the family.


Post time: Jan-19-2024
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